Uganda’s hospitality


Uganda is considered to be the most hospitable country with its hospitality being rooted deep into our culture and thus a character of Ugandans. In the past tribes like Baganda taught their children to greet any one they found on the way. Even though this has been long lost, all schools teach their students to greet there teachers whenever they cross paths. Since Uganda has more than 50 tribes, this has created a natural culture where people welcome others even though they are not of the same tribe unlike some countries where people push away people who are not of there kind.


It’s in few countries like Uganda that you will board public means and the person sited next to you greets you. Like last week I was leaving work heading to town and at the stage I was, there was a lady after a few minutes I realized that all the taxis were full and this was due to the stage that was in front of us so l decided to walk there this lady walked behind me without my notice. As I waked, she waved and a taxi that was half full stopped she called me back since I had not seen the taxi and I was ahead of her she even told the taxi man to wait for me, remember this was someone I didn’t know when we reached town she even waved me bye. This is a story you are going to here only in Uganda.

This new culture of Ugandans has created flexibility natural character of Ugandans has and will continue to attract tourists to our country the pearl.

Nakamanya Lynett.

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on Apr 08, 2016

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