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In history, the banyakole like most tribes in Uganda, the parents of the boy were responsible for choosing a wife. This agreement was made between the parents sometimes even before the children were born.  In some cases if the boy had asked a girl in marriage and she refused, he would forcefully   take her to his home and the following day come to the girl’s parents with his relatives to discuss bride price. This was put to a stop by omukama Gasiyonga who was a mordan king of the banyakole.

The celebrations have 4 main steps

  1. katerarume. the man would get one of the girls friends and asks her to do a back ground check one the girl to fully know her character the friend was to keep it a secret. Most men wanted to know whether the woman was hard working (knew how to dig and cook) and whether or not she was good in bed, this was confirmed by two main things. If a girl urinated on bed or if a girl gassed in her sleep, these two would highly confirm that she was good in marital affairs.
  2. okeranga. The uncle, father and brother of the boy would go to the girl’s parents to inform them of there intentaions towards the daughter after this a background check would be carried out and a date of okwanjula set.
  3. okwanjula. This was the most feared part of marriage by both the boy and girl. On this day, the boy comes with some friends and family and are well come by the girls relatives. The men go to a room and discuss the bride price to be paid. If the girl had produced or was pregnant, the boy is made to pay affine of not less than 1000,000 on spot before going any further. The negotiations for bride price begin but the groom does not say a word during the talk. When an arrangement has been reached by both sides, a date for kuhingira and food is saved but if they fail to reach an agreement, the boys’people go back without eating.
  4. Kuhingira . This is the official give away of the girl to the boy’s family. After all the bride price has been paid, the girl gives baskets to the sisters in law and the girl’s family gives gifts to the boy. The girl can never come back home and has no share in the property of the father.

After all has been paid, the man is highly respected and treated as a son in the girl’s family.

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