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Cultural Ties

Cultural ties


Culture is formed by the people in an area solve problems around them so when colonial rule came, it did not try to solve the problem instead it suppressed it and imposed its culture on the already existing culture. This created a sought of cold war with the native culture. All this happened hundreds of years back so pushing forward to the present day we see this manifesting in various ways.

Let’s take religion for example, the first two churches to be introduced preached “pray and god will answer your call at the right time” and they are slowly becoming empty as people go to the new church which preaches” god is preforming a miracle for you right now and he is giving you all the things you want.” Why is this happening? I made a simple analyses and look what I found out.

Back in the day we had the African traditional religion that our people followed. When colonialists came, they called it evil and our people openly abandoned it or so we want to believe. Some people were Christians during day and at night they practiced there old religion.

Currently as I write, this new church that was created has taken people by storm. With millions of followers and new members daily. This is because it handles daily problems like what is happening at work home or in your community promising an immediate result. This was the same thing practiced by the African religion only difference is that it had a different god for every problem. They also preach giving offertory to God in response to getting your prayers being answered. This same thing was down only then we did not have money so it was given in form of animals. In these churches they have worship moments where loud music is played and people dance. This was practiced by the native religion.

So my conclusion on this study explains that people are adopting this new church because it’s in line with most practices of the African traditional religion which was the people’s original religion. Thus the people feel better with its practices as it has this cultural tie that most people can not see.


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