The Mudali Tribe

The life style of the Mudale in south sudan.

They stay north of juba near the White Nile and they are Bari speaking nomadics.They stay in clusters( cattle camps) there life entirely depends on the white cows and they can do any thing to save them

They feed on mainly milk and blood with little millet and hardly eat meat as they don’t want to hurt their animals. This is only on initiation, marriage ceremonies, parties and when the cow dies. They don’t have hospitals and use herbs when sick. They have no schools and shops for most western products. The only thing they buy is the medication for their cattle and salt. When bathing, they go to the river after which they smear with the ash of bunt cow dang and pour cow urine in the hair to kill lice and also turn it red like tint.


They have a busy day as they wake up, milk the cattle than 10 people take the cows to the field with 4 others carrying guns for protection since they have herds of over 700 cows. They are very good swimmers since they cross the river Nile every day because some areas are on the island where there is green grass.

The cattle camp is where business is and also where the cattle is kept The boys spend 10 years in the cattle camp before they get married and usually go at the age of 3 and by 6years, the start helping around the camp. The girls at the camp are supposed to look after the children at the camp and come at the camp at 9 years and leave at 16 years.  When the children are of age, they can get married and build a house in the village but there cattle stays at the camp where they come every day for work. Either milking or taking the cattle to the field.


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