Sipi falls trip

Last month l visited sipi falls. The falls are found on sipi river which comes from mountain Elgon The view while going up the kapchora hill in eastern Uganda Is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. But when you are almost there, i noticed that there are many people with offices claiming to be site guides but I think this is because it’s a community initiative thus making it open. They charge 5000 ug shillings for students and 10000 for adults but there is room for negotiations when the numbers are big. The falls has three falls and  With the improved transport,there is an option of driving up to where the falls are and from there,it’s a 5 to 10minutes walk and you have reached the amazing sipi falls of Uganda. There are several viewing points while at the falls,we were guided by a very experienced young man who gave us the history of the place and  significance of the falls to the community.sipiisipi

We were given climbing sticks and started the walk. The first stop  Is very close to the falls but you have to be carefull since the rocks are very wet and  slippery but the view is great there. The next point is Alito futher up and this shows you the falls from top and is a very nice place to take some memorable photos . We were then taken to the natural swimming pool at the lower end of the river. It’s beautiful, not so deep but the water is ice cold. The we were taken to the big caves which the guide explained can accomodate more than 200 people,since it was dark we could not move very far inside but it was a rich place as it had the history of the first men to live in the Elgon mountains the BAMASABA. It was an amazing, educating and relaxing trip.
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