Nyero rock painting

These are amazing rocks found in kumi district in eastern Uganda and are 8km from kumi town and about 200km from Kampala. It’s  both a tourism and an archeological site in Uganda for they are one of the most impontant and beautiful rock paintings and site in Uganda . They are believed to have existed before 1250AD. They are belived to have been home to the early man due to the discoveries the were found in the site.
It holds strong historical meaning to the people of Uganda. With the paintings on the walls of the rock, it’s hard to dought all the history the uniqueness and beauty of the nyero. For all paintings are unique to theres and hold strong significance to humanity and life.nyerrny

For people who love rock climbing,this is the place to go as they  have over 20 rocks that can be hikied which at the top give you a price less view of kumi district and sight to other beautiful rocks around you.
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