Kidepo Valley National Park

Yes it’s true what they say.
Kidepo valley National park is far from Kampala, around 12 to 15 hours drive to this place.
But am sure many people don’t know that she is on the list of the 20 places one should visit before they die in the world.
Yes am so glad I went,it took us 20 hours but we got there and when we did, it was worth the wait and every second spent in the road
With almost all the animal species in large numbers and easily see,the flat plains make  the game drive magical with hills at the far ends, you surely can’t forget that you are in a valley #kidepo Valley National Park.#  with zebras,elephants,giraffes and all the cats and antelopes.

The night sky during the camp fire Is breath taking, so birght with stars lighting down on you and spectacular,
As the striped hyaenas  and greater and lesser kudu run around you harmlessly with some warth hogs doing there thing in the bushes. You can get the real feeling that, you too are an animal and a friend of the wild.
While I slept in the tent I hard the lion roar, it was a threatening beautiful feeling and in the morning as the sun graced us with her beauty,the zebras came next to the camp site as if saying hi to the visitors it was to much to take in i stood there like a log for minutes feeling apart of this great environment was priceless.
Then the community village visit was something else authentic and entertaining.
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Nakamanya lynett kii

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on Apr 25, 2017

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    sure, shared same experience in the KIDEPO VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, a place where i have had my best adventure!!! thank you Lynett for this. great job.

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