What a pleasure, being Ugandan.

What a pleasure, being Ugandan

I feel so proud and lucky that God was so mercifully to me and gave me the opportunity to be born in Uganda the Pearl of Africa the home to the source of the great river Nile, one of the world’s widest variety of bird and butterfly species, a country with the most hospitable people in the world and who are

extremely beautiful, with over 56 languages spoken, having part of the largest fresh water lake in Africa, a climate that is exceptionally well suited for tourists throughout the year, tropical forests and wild savannas with a wide variety of wildlife species, one of the 3 counties that hosts the amazing mountain gorillas, one of the 14 countries crossed by the equator and not forgetting the culture and heritage of these amazing people, Oh my God you just have to experience this. Did I mention the creativity of the people, from music that dominates East Africa to writers, poets, actors and dancers. Allow me to say that Ugandans have a habit of being great at everything they do. And when it’s all said and done and it’s time to eat, Ugandans have a variety of authentic cuisines from the road side Rolex and gonja to the home made luwombo and boo. There is never enough time to exposure Uganda and not enough documentation about her beauty. So come we share Uganda and when you go back home, come back to Uganda because there is always something new To learn, To see and To experience
In this Pearl of Africa.

Nakamanya lynett

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on Sep 12, 2017

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