The ssese islands. Kalangala

The ssese islands, kalangala

This is a group of 84 islands that make up the ssese islands usually visited by couples on honeymoon because of her white sandy beaches and eco nature environment
The biggest of the islands is bugala island where kalangala town is found.

The islands have different features making each of them unique to one other, this gives the visitor more to see and do while at the islands

Surprisingly, the accomodation and standard of living on this beautiful islands is friendly and varies in terms of parkages  where one can get a beautiful camping tent at 25000/= and rooms starting from 50000/= per night and the meals range from 30,000/= for a buffet at a resort to 6000 for a plate of food in the market restaurants and breakfast ranging from 15,000 to 5000 respectively. That’s why I say that  someone can spend 200,000/=  to 1000,000/= for a weekend respectively.
Making the islands one of the cheapest destinations in the region.
There are beautiful beach resorts that have cottages and camping areas to suit  all client needs.

There are numerous activities a tourist at the islands can engage in including cultural tours, religious tours, forest and nature walks through the thick tropical forests and the plantaitions of Palm trees.

We set off from kampala at 6am and used the masaka route to the  bukakata ferry  of MV Kalngala which was to transport is across lake Victoria to kalangala islands. This route is far compared to  nakiwoogo in Entebbe  but it’s cheaper since no charges are asked at the ferry unlike Entebbe where people are charged a minimum of 15000 shillings and cars are also charged depending on the size and make.

The ferry in masaka at bukakata is also very flexible with as it has a route every 2 hours compared to the one at Entebbe which has twos route per day.

At bukakata, there are two ferries and as one is leaving kalangala, the other I heading  there. And with in 45 minutes, you are at the island. The Palm trees at the island give it a very exotic look and feeling. Since the shore line is free to the public, a tourist can move from own beach resort to another with out any inconvenience.

At night, the resorts light a camp fire with soft music giving the visitor a romantic feeling.
And if one is not intereted, there is a club at the island with a fully stocked bar and one of the best djs on the islands.

At Ssese islands, you will have all the fun you want in a quiet and eco friendly environment.

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