Bayimba Festival of the arts 2019 (bloggers retreat)

I looked at my Amy green tent and could not believe my luck as John came towards our  camping area with a box full of tissues and disposable cups which came in handy as the festival progressed and mainly towards the last two days. I could smell the freshness in the air and uniqueness of the crowds. And this kept sinking in with every angle at which I stood looking at Lunkulu island. It was truly a lunkulu kind of a experience at the Bayimab festival at Lunkulu island in Mukono district just 1.5 hours from Kampala city. The island can be accessed by either boat or road both giving someone a new experience and feel.

A month earlier I had stabled upon a poster that was requesting bloggers to apply for the bloggers retreat which was going to take place alongside the Bayimba Festival which was running from the 1st to 4th of August 2019. It shall be noted that during this time I was still in Kisoro district concluding some work but had not yet officially resigned from my position( which I had to love but had failed to for the past 3 months) and I was mapping an exit, this flier gave me a reason or  a green light.

We had a planning meeting where I met the rest of the team and we started our count down to the Bayimba Festival of the arts. We set off a day before the Bayimba Festival so that we could settle in. We had meetings every morning with different topics of blogging, vlogging and social media marketing. We also had tasks assigned to us everyday in our different lines of expertise for we had bloggers, YouTube’s and social media experts. Everyday had a new program, new people and new inspirations for us as bloggers, from the different fashion styles to the social behavior of the party people. People came and left at free will, slept and woke up at their own time for we had those that were wake during the  night and slept during day time and those that were up by 6am and asleep by 8pm not forgetting  the superpowers that were up day and night  only sleeping for 2 to 3 hours with the help of some drink obviously or something something.

It was all exciting to watch and observe. The island is 100 acres of land and thus we didn’t even use half of the space even though there was something for everyone from yoga classes to theater nights, DJ shows every night at the Bukunja stage till morning and different acts of poetry, hip pop and other musicians show casing their talents day in day out with live band performances. What can I say about a 4 day festival like Bayimba, it was lit, we got wet from the rain and dry as he sun came up, shared and made memories with lots of beautiful and talented souls alongside the lovers of a party in the wild.  Not  forgetting the brains behind this whole event the people that ran up and down the island when the water was out or when the electricity lines got cut. With all this hard work, they made our lunkulu experience worth while.

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on Sep 10, 2019

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