Letters to baby lynett (Time)


It will teach you the greatest lessons

And help you over come your greatest challenges

For time will hold you

And will teach you that time always

Brings out the truth of who they are


Time will teach you to be humble

And still teach you to hunger for more

For it will clearly show you that

You don’t have all the time in the world


Time will teach you

That timing is every thing

And just like fine wine,

Some of the greatest things in life take time


Time will teach you that sometimes time does not matter much

And that its never to late to start all over again


It will teach you that time flies so fast

And people forget so much

Time will teach you that

There is a time for every thing

And a time will come when all you have is you

For time changes everything,

How we feel in our hearts

And how we look on our faces.


Time will teach you that

for all the doubts you have, time will tell

Time will tell whether he was serious

Whether you were smart enough

And whether what they said works actually does

Time will teach you more than I will ever be able to teach you

More than you will ever be able to read in books

And more than you were ever told was possible



Time will teach you

That the best answers to some questions are given with time

That some times the ones we love will hurt us the most

And yet we shall still want to hold them close

Cos, they say love is wicked


Listen and give time a chance, it will teach you

That you are worth so much more than you ever imagined

That your abilities spring so high beyond your expectations

Be strong cos time will test you

Your values, principles

And your heart


And my baby, I know you were born in the 21st century

And time is a word you don’t understand

But give time so time

For it will teach you that

Sometimes, time does not matter much

And that you might leave those you have known for years

And go with those you have known for days


Settle down baby Lynett,

For time will teach you



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By nakamanya / Editor, bbp_participant

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on Sep 10, 2019

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