5 AM



I woke at 5am and I was not confused,
I didn’t have mixed feeling
I didn’t have mixed desires
I wanted you.
Even when my girls told me
That I could do better
That I was out of your league,
Whatever that means
It was 5am on a Wednesday morning
And I wanted you.
Even when I thought I had moved on
I just fell harder for you.

I always beat myself up for wanting you
But it has never made me stop
Even when you didn’t reply my texts
Even when I got the point that you wanted nothing to do with me,
I forgot it.

But this is too much for me
Am tired of the back and forth
me thinking that am over you
Then waking up at 5am all over you
Wanting to talk to you, hold you, make love to you.

Because at 5am it’s all perfect
We can have it all, make it all
And Maybe when the sun comes up
We shall dress up
And go by our daily lives
Only to return to each other at 5am.

Nakamanya lynett

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By nakamanya / Editor, bbp_participant

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on Sep 12, 2019

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