Whites sands of Zanzibar

We walked along the beach as mama picked different shells from the ocean and comparing them to the ones she already had in hand. I was busy taking selfies and taking in the beauty of the island. After all we were in Zanzibar Island on of the most beautiful places in the world and also listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites. We were at Michanvi Beach resort on the far east of the island and had arrived a few hours. We used Azam ferry and our driver was waiting for us from stone town. He was very charming and always ready to help sharing his life history and a few tips for us as we got to the lodge. We had booked in advance so our room was waiting for us well decorated and all smelling great. Our room over looked the ocean and the view was breathe taking. It being March, it was low season and thus not crowed at some parts of the resort, we were there alone and thus maximum attention from the staff who were happy to see us and also happy that we were black and from Uganda. They said they had not yet received any Ugandans the whole year and thus we were the first. Also it being a honey moon destination, me coming with my mother was cute for the female staff who told me they wish to one day be in position to do the same.  The resort was big with two swimming pools, two beaches and two lounges. Mama loves swimming and spent most of her time at the island in the pool chilling and taking deeps they had a beautiful shallow pool at the restaurant area and the deep one near the ocean. On the last day of our tip, she got up early to take a last deep before we hit the road. The breakfast was good but with not much variety for they had mainly wheat products but they had more extras that were charged for. There was soft music playing at all times and WIFI around the resort. As mama swam, I took long walks along the beach and used this time to make more YouTube videos.  The sun raise along the ocean was so spectacular we got up early every morning with mama and just smiled at the views and colours that filled the waters a head as we ate the local coconuts. I didn’t know about the water level changes where water can leave the beach for up to one kilometer leaving the ocean rocks bear and thus we took some walks along the ocean and realized that there are some rivers that flow with in the ocean as our guide informed us for the water at this point was fresh and flowing in a different direction from the waves. The water levels are usually high at night and by 6am in the morning, the water starts going back and returns in the afternoon and evening hours

Had a lot of learning and enjoying at the beach resort with my lovely mama.

Stay blessed

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