Nyero rock painting

These are amazing rocks found in kumi district in eastern Uganda and are 8km from kumi town and about 200km from Kampala. It’s  both a tourism and an archeological site in Uganda for they are one of the most impontant and beautiful rock paintings and site in Uganda . They are believed to have existed […]

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Sipi falls trip

Last month l visited sipi falls. The falls are found on sipi river which comes from mountain Elgon The view while going up the kapchora hill in eastern Uganda Is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. But when you are almost there, i noticed that there are many people with offices […]

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My trip to Rwanda

Kampala to kigali is a12 hour trip by bus. We used trinity which charges 40000/-.We reached kigali at and  our amazing host picked us from the bus station. Hi gave us a bref tour of kigali taking us around the coventional center and a few other places. Since we were exhusted,he checked us into […]

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Queen of Rwanda for a day.

Having been invited to Rwanda by a friend,I was more than existed when he  took us to musaze district in the north of Rwanda. The district is the heart of tourism in the country. There we were taken to IBY’IWACU CULTURAL VILLAGE. Which is at the foot of sabinyo volcano. We were well comed by […]


Ancient description of beauty in Uganda

What all the tribes used to look out for when getting a wife for the sons. There are three main things and they include Children. This went to as fair as the  quality of children the woman would produce as they looked at a woman in relation to the type of children they wanted to […]


The Mudali Tribe

The life style of the Mudale in south sudan. They stay north of juba near the White Nile and they are Bari speaking nomadics.They stay in clusters( cattle camps) there life entirely depends on the white cows and they can do any thing to save them They feed on mainly milk and blood with little […]

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Economic impact of Sex Tourism in Uganda

A survey of sex workers in Uganda showed that sex tourism is an on-going business. Data on sex vendors was collected and results show that most of the sex workers are aged 18-45 and are mainly women – though there are men that are available for purchase by women and men selling to fellow men. […]

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Entanda Traditional Hunting and Cultural Experience

    Entanda is found in a small village, Kijjudde in Mityana district, about 80 kilometers west of the capital, Kampala and a few minutes’ drive off the tourist highway to southwest Uganda., The mission of ENTANDA is to conserve both unprotected wildlife and traditional culture through tourism while earning a decent living. The visitors […]

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Cultural Ties

Cultural ties   Culture is formed by the people in an area solve problems around them so when colonial rule came, it did not try to solve the problem instead it suppressed it and imposed its culture on the already existing culture. This created a sought of cold war with the native culture. All this […]

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Beautiful this pearl.

How beautiful is this pearl of mine? Beautiful the people it grooms, Food  and animals it breeds. Beautiful its physical endowments, Culture, language and climate Beautiful is this pearl of mine Please follow and like us:

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