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Farm and home stays nshenyi.

Ever tried home and farm stays,nshenyi culture village. Its an hour’s drive from mbarara at the corner of the countryside where Uganda Rwanda and Tanzania meet. The family farm practices agri culture and community tourism. On the way to the farm one gets a beautifull view of rolling hills with green vegetation. One also sees […]

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sex tourism in uganda

The tourism industry has numerous products including sex. Negative impacts of sex tourism in Uganda. According to the global report about 3 million people travel to exotic destinations like east Africa to engage in sex tourism due to her zesty sceneries, wildlife and beaches. The concept of leisure travel is wrongly preserved by people who […]

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banyakole marriage ceremonies

CULTURAL MARRIAGE OF THE BANYAKOLE In history, the banyakole like most tribes in Uganda, the parents of the boy were responsible for choosing a wife. This agreement was made between the parents sometimes even before the children were born.  In some cases if the boy had asked a girl in marriage and she refused, he […]

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Uganda’s hospitality

UGANDA’S HOSPITALITY Uganda is considered to be the most hospitable country with its hospitality being rooted deep into our culture and thus a character of Ugandans. In the past tribes like Baganda taught their children to greet any one they found on the way. Even though this has been long lost, all schools teach their […]

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The Baganda people believe that playing the eng’oma ez‘ensonga constitutes a way to promote communication within the societies. It further represents an untouchable power, a centre of political, social and spiritual life of the Baganda people. In earlier times, only men were permitted to play the drum in a community. There were certain taboos for […]

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culture in uganda

CULTURE IS DYING FAST. How fast is our culture dying out? Well it’s dying so quick if it were a cancer it would be spreading all over the body. Our beautiful African culture has been labeled primitive, old fashioned, rigid, unrealistic and even evil to some individuals. How brainwashed can we get where by people […]

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