The canopy walk in Nyungwe NP

I could feel the bridge shake, the ropes on the sides appeared so lose and any thing was possible. I could not move any more and at that point, i had more fear than excitement it had changed from famous canopy walk to deadly crazy walk. But with Augustine’s moral support we made it through. […]

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The ssese islands. Kalangala

The ssese islands, kalangala This is a group of 84 islands that make up the ssese islands usually visited by couples on honeymoon because of her white sandy beaches and eco nature environment The biggest of the islands is bugala island where kalangala town is found. The islands have different features making each of them […]


Murchison falls

On my tour to Murchison Falls national park, we entered the park at night and the first thing that caught my eye was the great night sky, the stars were very bright and the fire flies that went about their business made the view splendid. I could not get my eyes out of the window […]


Kidepo Valley National Park

Yes it’s true what they say. Kidepo valley National park is far from Kampala, around 12 to 15 hours drive to this place. But am sure many people don’t know that she is on the list of the 20 places one should visit before they die in the world. Yes am so glad I went,it […]

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Sipi falls trip

Last month l visited sipi falls. The falls are found on sipi river which comes from mountain Elgon The view while going up the kapchora hill in eastern Uganda Is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. But when you are almost there, i noticed that there are many people with offices […]

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Economic impact of Sex Tourism in Uganda

A survey of sex workers in Uganda showed that sex tourism is an on-going business. Data on sex vendors was collected and results show that most of the sex workers are aged 18-45 and are mainly women – though there are men that are available for purchase by women and men selling to fellow men. […]

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village house

Farm and home stays nshenyi.

Ever tried home and farm stays,nshenyi culture village. Its an hour’s drive from mbarara at the corner of the countryside where Uganda Rwanda and Tanzania meet. The family farm practices agri culture and community tourism. On the way to the farm one gets a beautifull view of rolling hills with green vegetation. One also sees […]

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