Whites sands of Zanzibar

We walked along the beach as mama picked different shells from the ocean and comparing them to the ones she already had in hand....

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The Kagulu Rock climbing challenge

                                    No I can’t, I don’t want,...

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What a pleasure, being Ugandan.

What a pleasure, being Ugandan I feel so proud and lucky that God was so mercifully to me and gave me the opportunity to...

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Kidepo Valley National Park

Yes it’s true what they say. Kidepo valley National park is far from Kampala, around 12 to 15 hours drive to this place. But...

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Sipi falls trip

Last month l visited sipi falls. The falls are found on sipi river which comes from mountain Elgon The view while going up the...

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My trip to Rwanda

Kampala to kigali is a12 hour trip by bus. We used trinity which charges 40000/-.We reached kigali at and  our amazing host picked...

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Queen of Rwanda for a day.

Having been invited to Rwanda by a friend,I was more than existed when he  took us to musaze district in the north of Rwanda....

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Ancient description of beauty in Uganda

What all the tribes used to look out for when getting a wife for the sons. There are three main things and they include...

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The Mudali Tribe

The life style of the Mudale in south sudan. They stay north of juba near the White Nile and they are Bari speaking nomadics.They...

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Cultural Ties

Cultural ties   Culture is formed by the people in an area solve problems around them so when colonial rule came, it did not...

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