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Welcome To Tugende Afric

“Life is book those who don’t travel only read one page.”  but with blictoursug, i have shared experiences of various tourism trips i have taken part in and other beautiful experiences of tourism. This website is mainly  a blogging platform for tourism related issues. enjoy your stay.



Whites sands of Zanzibar

We walked along the beach as mama picked different shells from the ocean and comparing them to the ones she already had in hand....

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5 AM

5am   I woke at 5am and I was not confused, I didn’t have mixed feeling I didn’t have mixed desires I wanted you....

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Letters to baby lynett (Time)

Time  It will teach you the greatest lessons And help you over come your greatest challenges For time will hold you And will teach...

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Bayimba Festival of the arts 2019 (bloggers retreat)

I looked at my Amy green tent and could not believe my luck as John came towards our  camping area with a box full...

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The Kagulu Rock climbing challenge

                                    No I can’t, I don’t want,...

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The canopy walk in Nyungwe NP

I could feel the bridge shake, the ropes on the sides appeared so lose and any thing was possible. I could not move any...

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The ssese islands. Kalangala

The ssese islands, kalangala This is a group of 84 islands that make up the ssese islands usually visited by couples on honeymoon because...

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What a pleasure, being Ugandan.

What a pleasure, being Ugandan I feel so proud and lucky that God was so mercifully to me and gave me the opportunity to...

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Murchison falls

On my tour to Murchison Falls national park, we entered the park at night and the first thing that caught my eye was the...

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Kidepo Valley National Park

Yes it’s true what they say. Kidepo valley National park is far from Kampala, around 12 to 15 hours drive to this place. But...

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Nyero rock painting

These are amazing rocks found in kumi district in eastern Uganda and are 8km from kumi town and about 200km from Kampala. It’s  both...

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Sipi falls trip

Last month l visited sipi falls. The falls are found on sipi river which comes from mountain Elgon The view while going up the...

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